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It is very important that you spend time promoting yourself - it is highly unlikely that customers will ring you unless they know you are available and have vacancies.

Childminding Forum members tell us that the 3 most successful advertising outlets are -

  1. An advert on the website
  2. Self promotion through having your own website, Facebook pages etc.
  3. Word of mouth

You can find tips and advice about how to create a good advert on the website in your member area and posting your advert is totally free.

If you don't know how to make a website you can get help through Childminder's Websites


Write a good advert

Think very carefully about how you intend to word your advert, website, Facebook page etc - it will be your ‘shop window’ and needs to accurately reflect the services you offer as well as presenting yourself in a professional way.

Here are some tips -

Talk about your past experience with children, qualifications etc.

Reassure parents that you are well qualified to care for their children - mention your DBS (formerly known as CRB) check, safeguarding training, first aid certificate etc.

Talk about when you are free during the week - do you have a full time or part time vacancy? Does your vacancy only cover a few hours of the day? Make your availability clear to parents so they are not wasting their time.

Mention some of the aspects of your business that makes it special - these are known as your ‘unique selling points’. You might use a quote from your last Ofsted inspection report to promote your services for example.

Let potential clients know that they can ask you for a reference. Always keep hold of letters and thank you cards from previous families to use when you are looking for work.

Give clear contact details - beware of including your full address!


If you have any concerns about your spelling, punctuation etc it is always a good idea to involve other childminders in proof reading your advert. You might find it helpful to post your advert on the Childminding Forum for impartial advice or run it past local friends first.

There is more information and help regarding advertising in this thread on the Forum:

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