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Samantha Loughran / Lewes Childminder

I am a relative newcomer to Childminding, with only three years experience, so absolutely no 'expert' at all. So why am I involved in this website? To put it simply: I identify with others in my situation. I have found the process of becoming a Childminder isn't as straight forward as it perhaps could be and I want to help share information and make things simpler.

I want to remain an Independent Childminder and I am concerned about our future. I do not see why we should be forced to join organisations and pay fees to obtain the information and support we need to stay self-employed.

I have followed various career paths before becoming a Childminder, including performing arts, working for various charities and voluntary groups and, most recently, as a digital / online Librarian - responsible for providing community information.

I am 100% against Childminder Agencies and increased ratios and I have absolutely no Government connections (other than sending the occasional Tweet!)

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