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Sarah Neville / Knutsford Childminding

I have been an Ofsted registered childminder for nearly 20 years (oh my!) and graded outstanding twice. I am absolutely passionate about my role in the lives of the young children for whom I care and I am totally dedicated to ensuring my provision remains outstanding and outcomes for children are always being raised.

I am also a freelance early years writer for companies such as and UKCMA and magazines such as Professional Childcare and Essential Childminder. In my spare time I am a moderator on the Childminding Forum and contribute advice and information on various other forums and childminding Facebook sites.

The reasons I am involved with this website are that I want to remain an independent childminder and I want to support others who wish to be independent. We all need a little help at times and the aim of this website is to signpost where the help can be found, locally and nationally, so that all childminders who want to remain independent have a free, up-to-date, unbiased and accurate source of information at their disposal.

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