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Training opportunities

Due to funding cuts, many Local Authorities are unable to continue offering training and support for childminders. This will mean, as time goes on, that more and more childminders will have to make their own training arrangements. Similarly, childminders who are independent will no longer have access to the training courses which they need to do to stay legally registered with Ofsted.

Independent Childminders, the Childminding Forum and Childminding Help are here to support you and make sure you stay updated with your training.

Required training

The EYFS requires childminders to undertake 12 hours of paediatric first aid training every three years. We suggest you plan this well in advance.

Recommended training

Childminders are strongly advised to attend safeguarding training. At the moment this course must be local authority approved - however we anticipate this changing.

Training in the future

Our hope is that all childminders in the various local authorities throughout England will join together with each other, put their business rivalries to one side and support and help each other to stay well informed and trained.

Available venues for childminder training might include libraries, church rooms, local children centres, pubs with function rooms etc. Trainers will be accessible via local contacts and costs per course should be minimal if plenty of childminders in your local area attend.

We also anticipate that online courses will become more popular and expect to see a raft of training with certificates on appearing on various sites on the Internet over the next few months. For example, has teamed up with an outstanding Ofsted registered childminder to offer training opportunities via in-house training modules which are certificated.

In the future, as independent childminders are individually inspected by Ofsted, it will be more important than ever that we continue to access training and courses to enhance our professional development. Courses will be offered for agency childminders and we must stay competitive, up to date and well informed.

More help and information on training can be found on the Forum here:

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